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What to Expect From Our Facility

If you’ve recently decided to enter treatment at Marsh Recovery, our drug rehab center in Wilmington, Delaware, you may be wondering what your experience is going to be like. We can tell you that your experience will be positive in more than one area. This is thanks to the dedication of our staff, who are committed to providing as many different clients as possible with the support they need. You’ll experience the following elements of treatment while you’re taking part in the program at our at the addiction recovery facility.

A Clean and Safe Environment

We keep our drug rehab clinic well sanitized to preserve the integrity of the establishment and to keep you safe from illnesses. Our main goal is to make you feel safe while you spend time healing in our Wilmington, Delaware substance abuse treatment facility. We believe that the safe environment here at Marsh Recovery is essential to ensuring our clients enjoy the highest possible likelihood of recovery.

Compassionate and Caring Staff

One of the reasons our Wilmington, Delaware addiction recovery center is one of the top facilities in the area is that our staff holds the values of compassion and care in the highest possible regard. All of our staff members have gone through extensive background checks and training, so that you can feel confident that they are qualified to provide you with the support you need. Our staff has a strong desire to help our clients in order to increase the quality of their lives. Our staff will prove to be one of your biggest supporters as you journey back to wellness.

A Full Complement of Services

Another reason that our Wilmington, Delaware addiction treatment clinic is so successful is that we offer a full suite of services that are crucial to not just an effective recovery but for relapse prevention, as well. We offer a complete supervised detox program that gets clients physically and mentally prepared to heal. We also offer therapy, counseling, and dual diagnosis treatment. Dual diagnosis mental health treatment is a type of treatment that allows us to ensure those clients who struggle with both a co-occurring mental health disorder and addiction can get the support they need to reach recovery goals. Furthermore, we offer our clients activities that can improve their quality of life inside and outside of our Wilmington, Delaware drug rehab facility. We believe that we can help you or your loved one to make a full recovery from the grips of addiction here at Marsh Recovery.

If you’re eager to start the process of conquering addiction at our Wilmington, Delaware addiction treatment center, you can start right now. All you need to do is lift up the phone and call the friendly experts here at Marsh Recovery. We’ll schedule your initial walk-through right away, and you can get to know everyone before you make the final decision. We’re sure you’ll be pleased with the facility, and hope you’ll let the friendly and experienced experts at our drug rehab center offer you the support you need.