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Dealing With Addiction- Monitored Detox and Rehab Services

Anyone who is going through an addiction understands that getting sober can feel impossible at times. For most people, they start the treatment program as soon as they feel that they need change. However, some make the mistake of enrolling at incompetent rehab centers, and somewhere along the way, the treatment is disrupted by relapse. In case you feel that you are ready for lasting change, and beat addiction, you need to start your program with Marsh Recovery drug rehab centers.


Starting rehab with detox

Detox begins when the client admits they have an addiction problem they have been unable to overcome on their own. When you check into our substance abuse treatment facility in Augusta, Maine, we will start the process by monitoring you while you go through detox. While your body goes through the process of expelling the harmful toxins from your body, you will go through unpleasant side effects that need to be supervised carefully.


Dual Diagnosis Mental Health

Then you are screened for dual diagnosis. This is because, nearly half of the time, those with substance dependency also have an underlying mental health issue. The dual diagnosis aims to get the cause of the addiction. Common emotional health problems include bipolar disorder and depression. The treatment approach will, therefore, include treatment for the disorder or mental health issue, and treatment for the addiction.


The benefits of our drug rehab facility in Augusta, Maine

The benefits of drug rehabilitation services that are offered at Marsh Recovery centers are countless. To start, you will get individualized care from one of our dedicated professionals. Our staff makes sure that we initiate the customized program after assisted and supervised detox. Rehab aims to get rid of all the traces of drugs from your system before comprehensively pursuing long-term treatment.


Another benefit that comes from our addiction recovery center in Augusta is the amount of support we provide the client. We believe that to succeed in beating addiction; you need therapy after the detox. Our program includes one-on-one session with counselors. Here, the unique circumstances that led to your addiction are addressed. Group sessions create a community that will support you through the ups and downs associated with dependency and recovery. They will help you beat the cravings and protect you from making poor decisions that lead to relapse.


The third benefit that you get in our Augusta addiction recovery facility is a safe and free environment where you can freely share your problems. Individualized sessions and group therapy are an opportunity to interact with people who are facing the same challenges you are and get the encouragement you need to beat this.


Support after leaving the addiction treatment center in Augusta

At our drug rehab facility in Augusta, we believe that the amount of support determines how you can stay sober. You will get the support you need when you leave the addiction treatment facility. Support is necessary because, unlike the controlled environment where the temptation that could lead to a relapse, treatment requires a strong support system. At the drug detox clinic in Augusta, you will find a sponsor who helps you overcome temptations. The sponsor will also be there during the good times, when you are celebrating milestones of sobriety. In case a time comes when you feel like the temptation to relapse is overwhelming, they will be there to help.


Another option for support addiction recovery program is appointments at the clinic. We can provide counseling even after you have left our drug rehab center in Augusta, Maine. This is to check up on your progress and see if you require further assistance. Statistics show that clients who participate in the aftercare program have a lower probability of relapsing. The long road to recovery, therefore, starts with an active decision to join our top-rated substance abuse treatment facility. You will get the guidance and support necessary to achieve a complete addiction recovery.