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Drug and alcohol dependency can throw your life into turmoil. There are thousands of families suffering from the consequences of a loved one’s addiction, and they are in dire need of help. Addiction doesn’t just affect our clients. Addiction is a family affair that needs to be addressed as a family. It is our mission to help those who are struggling with dependency issues. Our substance abuse treatment facility in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina will get you on the road to recovery.


It is never too late to fix the damage done by drug and alcohol dependency. Our staff of caring professionals will be with your every stop of the way. We have a comprehensive addiction recovery program that is supportive and created specifically to meet the client’s needs. We offer a wide range of treatments for opioids, crack, crystal meth, heroin, and many other substances. Clients should realize that the longer the wait, the more difficult it may prove to overcome the addiction.


The professionals at our addiction treatment center will address the reasons you use drugs and alcohol. We use safe and effective multi-level treatment options, such as one-on-one counseling, quality treatment, support groups, residential and outpatient services, and prevention services. Once you are admitted, we will ensure that you receive treatment in a safe, comfortable, and caring environment.


At our Myrtle Beach, South Carolina addiction recovery facility we have a moral code by which we abide. We treat all patients ethically, respectfully, and with integrity. There is no passing judgment. We are here to listen to clients and help them on the road to recovery. Our compassionate representatives are there to help make individuals make the most informed choices regarding their treatment. Drug and alcohol addiction isn’t easy to beat. But we are committed to assisting you with evidence-based treatments that will help you overcome addiction once and for all.


The first step to addiction recovery is diagnosing the source of your addiction. Often times, clients have a co-occurring disorder that can make recovery more difficult to achieve. Co-occurring disorders need specialized treatment. At our Myrtle Beach, South Carolina substance abuse treatment facility, skilled professionals will create a personalized program, tailored to fit the needs of the client. No matter what co-occurring mental health conditions you might be facing, our addiction recovery center is dedicated to ensuring you get the dual diagnosis mental health treatment you need for a successful recovery.


A full spectrum of treatments are available to all clients. The multi-level approach is more comprehensive and supports a better chance of recovery. Cutting-edge treatments will stabilize both the addiction and the mental illness.


Detox is probably the most important part of beating addiction. Our drug detox clinic will make you as comfortable as possible while going through the process. Detoxing should always be done under professional supervision. Attempting to kick a drug or alcohol addiction by yourself is not wise. Drug rehab centers have trained professionals that can assist you if your detox in the event you develop side effects.


If you are in need of treatment for drug or alcohol dependency, you should get in contact with a reputable addiction recovery center as soon as possible. Trained professionals are committed to helping you beat your addiction and live a healthy life. The first step to beating an addiction is owning up to the fact that you have one. You must make the first step by calling us today. We have operators on call around the clock to take your information. We can verify information for same-day check in. Don’t let alcohol or drug addiction destroy your life. Contact our addiction treatment facility today so you can be one of our success stories.